The Smooth XS GIMBAL

Smooth XS smartphone gimbal provides you with the latest technology that can make your life easier. Its unique features include, Easy Video Transfer, Easy Video Recording, Easy Picture Upload, and Easy Photo Upload, Easy Audio Transfer, Easy Image Transfer and Easy Photo Editing, Easy Video Effects, and Easy Video Storage. Smooth XS is an incredible smartphone that gives you all the features you need for a smooth professional video experience.

Smooth XS: Easy Video Transfer – Smooth XS allows you to transfer videos directly from your smartphone to a PC. Just select a compatible device that supports this feature, then transfer your video to the computer by just uploading the file and saving it in your mobile device. Easy Video Recording – If you have a smartphone camera that can be remotely used and controlled by the computer, Smooth XS also offers the ability to use the same device to record your favorite videos. Simply connect the device to a computer and start recording the video.

Easy Photo Upload and Easy Photo Editing – It does not matter if you are in the office or out on the town, you can easily upload your photos on to the device via Easy Photo Upload and Easy Photo Editing. Simple photo editing tools to help you customize the pictures and view them on your smartphone screen. This smartphone gimbal is equipped with advanced photo sharing options, which means you can easily send photos of your kids or your favorite cat to your family and friends.

Easy Video Recording – For professionals who want to get the best quality video footage of their precious moments, Smooth XS offers Easy Video Recording option. Simply connect your phone to your camera’s USB port, then you can easily upload and watch videos in high definition. Easy Video Recording allows you to easily capture the beauty behind your lens and record videos using the same device.

Easy Audio Transfer – For those who travel, Smooth XS has an audio sharing option that lets you easily transfer your music to your mobile device. Simply connect your headphones to your device and start enjoying music wherever you may be. and whenever you want to. Easy Audio Recording allows you to transfer your favorite music to your smartphone without the hassle of connecting your headphones.

All these features of the Smooth XS smartphone gimbal make your smartphone an ideal partner during your travel experiences. With this remarkable global, you can enjoy a comfortable and fun mobile shooting experience, record and share your favorite videos and images, as well as capture beautiful moments with your family and friends.

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