The Microsoft Surface Duo

The Microsoft Surface Duo is a brand new smartphone from the Microsoft that has been announced earlier this month and is due to be released next year at the end of the holiday season. The Microsoft Surface Duo has two small, slimly-designed screens that fold back to eight inches to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard for typing messages, emails, and web pages. Find out more about the Microsoft Surface Duo at our site.

It’s amazing to think about how simple this new smartphone has become. The Microsoft Surface Mini is very similar to the Surface Mini which you have seen advertised so much. The major difference is the size of the screens, which are a fraction smaller than the mini’s. They are also only two-thirds as wide as the mini, but the difference between these two phones and the normal phones from Microsoft is that they are capable of running all of the major applications out there, like Microsoft Office, the Internet Explorer, and the iPhone.

When the Microsoft Surface Mini and the Microsoft Surface Duo were first released, they were both shown off on stage at the Microsoft Store in San Francisco by the Microsoft team that developed them. At the store, people were able to try them out and see if they would be as popular as they had been led to believe they would be by their designers.

Since that time, the two phones have been released in different versions. The basic version of the Microsoft Surface Mini is available at the Microsoft Store for $250 and includes a touch screen, an S Pen, an Ethernet adapter, and a USB charger. The higher end model is available at a different store for $500 and includes a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, a camera, and a full keyboard.

These phones can be used with all the same applications, but the different screen sizes are a unique selling point for this phone. There are so many different applications that this device can run that it may not even make sense to get the regular version if you’re only going to use it to text messages or surf the Internet. If you’re looking for something with a little more features, however, the higher-end models will provide you with a lot of functionality for your money.

There are no technical specs released yet, but the Microsoft Surface duo is rumored to have a touch screen that is as fast as the iPhone and an S Pen that feel a lot like an eraser. of sorts.

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