Android vs iOS Comparison – How Can They Compare Their Operating Systems?

Android is an open-source mobile operating system based upon the Linux kernel and many other open-source applications, specifically designed for touch screen mobile phones like tablets and smartphones. The Android operating system is free software that runs on the computers with which it is installed. Apart from this, Android is also compatible with other devices that run on the Linux platform, and so these devices can also be used to run Android applications. As Android is a free software, it allows third-party applications to be written for its support. However, there are certain limitations of Android and it is not recommended for all kinds of mobile handsets.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Android OS compared to iOS or Windows Phone is that it is largely dependent upon the hardware of the smartphone and so it cannot be installed on latest smartphone models. For example, the latest Android smartphone models rely almost entirely on the manufacturer’s mobile OS solution for functioning. So even if a new smartphone version of your company has just been launched and you want to use android in order to support it, then you cannot install Android OS on it.

Another limitation of Android OS is that it is not available with all smartphones and tablet devices. Most of the Android mobile phone manufacturers have their own customized user interfaces and so they cannot be fitted on any kind of phones. Similarly, the latest operating systems cannot be installed on some older devices like Blackberrys or HTC Desire HD.

On the other hand, Apple’s iOS devices are compatible with most of the popular mobile devices due to the fact that they are compatible with most of the common OS platforms, including Android OS. There are several differences between Android OS and iOS, with the most noticeable being the operating system support. Since Android is an open-source mobile operating system, it is available to everyone who wishes to develop it and provides the freedom of modification and improvement. As far as the internet and smartphone technology is concerned, there is no difference between the two. Both utilize internet facilities and function similarly.

The biggest difference between these two mobile operating systems is the user interface, with which they differ considerably. Android offers a user-friendly interface and is very easy to learn. On the other hand, iOS devices are more complicated and are based on the Mac OS X operating system. Users find it difficult to use iOS devices because of its complicated user interface and the limited features. However, many iPhone users love using their iPhones despite its complicated user interface and limited functions because it is very user-friendly. In fact, most iPhone users prefer to use their smartphones over Iphones because of its simple and attractive user interface.

When it comes to the choice of Android or iOS, most people will opt for Android since they think that iOS is better than Android when it comes to multitasking and features like apps. But actually, this choice is completely wrong. Both iOS and Android offer multitasking apps, but users need to choose one that best suits their needs. However, users should know about the differences between the two operating systems and should also know how to make the right choice when they are purchasing their favorite smartphone or tablet devices.

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