Advantages of Using Android Smartphones

Android is a smartphone operating system based around a modified version of the Linux operating system and other Open Source software, designed mainly for touch screen mobile phones including tablets and smartphones. With the market for mobile phones reaching dizzying heights with hundreds of handsets available to consumers, Android devices are proving to be more popular than ever before. Android is an open-source mobile operating system, which provides you with a variety of user-friendly and highly efficient tools that help in creating applications and customize your device. The Android Market has become a profitable market for developers who have created a huge list of apps for Android users, which allow you to access your email, browse the internet, check your status etc. with the help of your Android smartphone.

The android-ins package of software can be downloaded from the Android Market website. Once downloaded, the operating system will need to be installed on your computer and the installation process takes just a few minutes. Almost all the hardware requirements of Android are built into the software, making it extremely easy to use and get used to using. The best thing about Android is that it does not need any type of drivers or downloads to work on most computers.

Most android users would agree that the interface of Android is very user friendly and intuitive. This is in stark contrast to the iPhone and Blackberry which are very complicated in their nature. There are no visual indicators like icons on the desktop that show different applications and the same is true for the navigation keys on the keyboard. Android OS looks very much like an app that you would find on an iPhone. You can launch an application by clicking on the icon on the desktop or if you want to go to a specific setting, then you will just click on the appropriate option from the menu.

Android offers users many premium apps that are developed by huge corporations like Google. These apps help you customize your android phone according to your own needs and interests and stay updated with the latest technology. Many people consider Android as their main choice over other mobile operating systems as the apps available for this operating system are more varied. The best part about Android is that it comes pre-loaded with many popular games including Google’s own Android games. Some devices come pre-loaded with YouTube, Google Maps, Google Talk and many more premium apps like books, music players and camera. With such a wide range of apps at your disposal, it is easy to download and install these apps on your device and have access to thousands of useful services at no extra cost.

One of the major advantages of Android is the security that it offers. Most android phones run on secure operating systems such as Kit Kat and Android 4.4. This means that your device is protected against hackers and other cyber criminals who may try to steal your personal information. Android also has some of the most advanced data encryption technologies and protection mechanisms available in the market. This ensures that your data is completely safe even while you are transferring messages and information from your android phone to another.

As mentioned earlier, Android supports a wide range of apps. These apps let users do almost anything with their phones such as watching videos, listening to music, taking pictures and so on. In order to use some of these apps, you will not have to purchase an additional handset. So, if you want to take full advantage of your android phone’s features and at the same time don’t want to spend extra on the device, buying an app for it is a good idea.

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